A postive word used when people get on well with eachother and therefore connect.
"Me and Paul get on well. We gel."
by CS January 8, 2004
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There's boys and gels, and wimmin, an' unfit blokes like me,
Sloggin' ev'ry day, right through the year!
by sandy_kil December 14, 2005
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Romany Gypsy word, meaning to go, or to leave. Romany is not a written language, so the exact spelling is not certain. Often used in conjunction with the word 'on', and can be used as an equivilent to 'fuck off' - i.e. 'gel-on'.
Used mainly by Romany Gypsys rather than Irish Gypsys, especially in the south of England.
"We found a stopping place but had to gel when the gavvers turned up."

"I swear boy if you don't gel-on you'll get yourself hurt."

"Your gunna have to gel bruv, me old man's on his way back and he's on the warpath."
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a piece of colored plastic polymer used to color stage lights
she put a gel into a frame and then into a leeko and we had color
by the lighting guy #3 April 13, 2009
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to vegitate; to daydream; to be in the appearance of thoughts (deep or otherwise). participal to the expression "gel out."
I am going to just sit here and gel.
by Lex Luther Vandross March 23, 2004
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to walk, trek sumwher
lets gel on up the kie my sistas
by Anonymous June 6, 2003
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