Very interesting; a truncated portmanteau derived from the Spanish "muy interesante".
"You know, I've been texting Leah all day and she's ignored every single text. And then Victor texts her and she gets right back to him! What do you make of that?"
"Dude, that's minty. What did you do to upset her?"
by YCMIU July 13, 2023
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a favorite expression of Seth Cohen from the o.C., used to mean slightly embarrasing and having homosexual tendencies.
you used to do musicals? that's very minty of you.

yeah, our mascot's the pirate, I know its a bit minty.
by Denise November 25, 2003
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A word of Seth Cohen (The O.C). meaning a bit loser-ish in a gay kind of way.
"Ryan you've been playing the pirate game? That's a bit minty"
by stefannyy March 25, 2008
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Slang term used in Liverpool to describe an unpleasant odour or a person whose personal hygeine is lacking.
"I'm not going to that chippy, it's minty!"

"I don't want to sit next to him, he's minty!"
by Martinvb June 5, 2006
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The wonderful taste of wintergreen gum, as well as other mint based food products. One would use the adjective minty to cleverly answer to questions such as "how was that kiss?" or "How do i smell?". Mintiness is often associated with a clean, smooth, and refreshing taste, such as toothpaste or the candy "mints".
"How was that kiss, handsome?"
-"hmmmm... hehe...minty."
-"I think I need a second opinion"
by Daniel Tiger September 6, 2014
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Mike just asked me to prom!

OOOOO! You minty!
by BatmanStarburst March 27, 2012
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