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YN is an MSN emoticon resembling a pair of crossed fingers. If it is said that one person to another are YN, it means that each finger is each person and that they're as tight as two fingers wrapped round each other .
Symbolism of being good friends with someone

ME- oh , u mean 'sarah'? I no her! we're yn!

by Tamara101 February 14, 2009
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yn or (yn) is an msn emoticon which resembles fingers crossed. people use this differently, it can either mean that youre tight with someone as in really close friends or people use it when they say goodluck.
1. girl one: i havent seen jenna in ages!

girl two: really? i saw her last night! were (yn)

2. guy one: i think im going to see if i can get an extension on my english assignment

guy two: well goodluck with that (yn)
by atlfannn October 01, 2009
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(Y.N) stands for "Yo nigga" .
Most girls have yn at the beginning of their instagram username .
yn love bri

"yo nigga love bri"
by yourlocaldrugdealer February 13, 2017
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abreviation for Young Nigga

old nigga's protege. YN is in training to hang with the old niggas and gramps niggas. He is learning how to handle liquor, pop bandz for titties, and walk around with the old school limp. The crew bring YN along because YN gets all the hot bitches. YN has game and bring some fresh air into the posse.
Hey, YN...lets go get some titties. YN buying this round!
by iknowslangggg November 09, 2012
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on msn type (yn) and u get fingers crossed so when u say someone is ur yn, it means that u 2 r like "that" with fingers crossed!
Her and me, we're pure yns
by Sylv+Ailsa March 12, 2008
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yn is often said by scene kids to mimic the msn emoticon (yn), which is a pair of crossed fingers. It doesn't particularly mean anything, except, whatever, I don't care.
Girl: Hey did you see <i>Jackass</i> last night?
Boy: Missed it.
Girl: oh yn yn.
by adam x September 13, 2007
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