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1). Something gone wrong. Can be used in numerous forms.
ex. Something gart is going on here; D'oh, I just got garted

2). Term used when completely owning something.
ex. Hah, I garted you good.

3) That bigggest fagbank to walk god's green earth
ex. ^o^b has just signed in.
by death January 14, 2004
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To expel gas from the anus while simultaneously gagging on a penis.
Tim told Kayla to fit all thirteen freckles on his walpole in her mouth and which made her gart.
by NightSchool March 15, 2018
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I've been eating nothing but Oakland Gyro's the past two days and my garts are greasy and toxic.
by DankyDo March 13, 2015
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to expel an audible discharge of intestinal gas which also contains grease from the processed food; usually caused after taking an Alli weight loss pill.
What's that stain on the back of your pants? Is that grease?

Oh no, I garted!
by Pyro_Rock March 29, 2010
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Gahrt noun
see; gut fart, stomach fart, backwards fart

When ones stomach exudes a clear, rather loud sound, resembling that of a fart, without passing gas.
Gross did you just fart?

-No but my stomach did, i garted!
by ashleiJHAD July 28, 2014
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