1. some good good weed mutha fucka.
2. a level of stoned that has you sitting on gods clouds.
homie1: dude, im baked. ahhhh.
homie2: maaaan, im on gods green cloudss.
by mjmjmj16 May 11, 2011
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Another way of asking the infamous question, "what on earth?" while recognizing the almighty God's diverse and most eccentric creation, Africa/Africans.
*arrives home early from vacation and find doors off hinges, roughed-up walls, and a trusted friend wearing my clothes.*

"What in God's green African jungles?? ... ???" =:O

"Er, I can explain..."

"Please do."
by 0.O September 10, 2013
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The God of Marijuana.
Used mostly when you lose or drop some bud on the ground in an outdoor area.
Mat: Shit I think i dropped a little nug
Kody: oh dude dont worry just givin back to the green god.
by Janigga April 12, 2008
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weed, marijuana, ganja, kush, pot, grass

Not the devil's lettuce.
After harvasting god's green from the field, they made a mega joint that was so big, it got god high.
by harvester420 August 22, 2017
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