the awkwark move a woman has to make when she won't swallow your splooge and runs to the bathroom with her mouth open, head tilted back.
i came in her mouth and she started gagging, then she ran to the bathroom - doin' the jazz hands, gargling all the way.
by hannibal lickter April 3, 2009
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The partner fills their mouth with water and gargles it, and the male inserts his testicles into the water thats being gargled. (Note: Insert tesitcles one at a time in order to reduce the splash effect that would lower the water level in the mouth)
Last night it cost 500 dollars for the ho to start gargling my balls
by The Godpadre April 27, 2007
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When you cum in a girls arse and wait for her to fart.
Apparently (not that i'd know its the funniest thing in the world)
"I was totally gargling that bitch last night it was piss funny"
by Goth MC August 5, 2009
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Commonly used phrase at WPI in Worcester, MA that has evolved from the NH definition into a word that can be used in any and all situations.
Guy 1: You suck at this game.
Guy 2: Gargle It.

Guy 1: Hey what's happening?
Guy 2: Gargle It.

Girl 1: WOW! You are really smart!
Guy 1: Thanks! Gargle It.
by Gargle It (WPI) January 7, 2011
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Stygler: "Dude, we can come clean your carpet today."

Derrick: "Nah, man... Stacey's home. You know she's still gargled at you for being a dirtbag."
by Derrick Diggler June 29, 2008
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-To hang out with one's girlfriend instead of chillin with the bros

-stems from gargling balls
"So did you call all the bros about laser tag tonight?"
"Yea, but Steve cant come because he's gargling."
"...what a little bitch."

"I'd call Matt but he's probably gargling balls."

"Bro, were chillin tonight at Todd's. Its gonna be redonkulous."
"I cant because Im hanging out with Katie tonight"
"You gargle hard bro." (hang up the phone)
by wafflehouse April 1, 2009
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A slang term heard in Ireland for beer.
Was John on the gargle last night?
by AndyDNI September 30, 2011
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