A cabaret-style dance move, popularized by the musical "Fosse". Now used, usually ironically, to express excitement, glee, razzle dazzle, etc.

The move is performed by tilting the head slightly, shimmering the hands with fingers splayed either side of the face and crying "Jazz hands!" with an enthusiastic smile. Think Jack from Will and Grace.

Also *JAZZ HANDS!!!* used as an expressive punctuation on blogs and bulletin boards.
I'm all for guys getting in touch with their emotions but he's just too jazz hands for me.
by CougarSW2 November 15, 2004
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"Oh, great. Another meeting with my crummy boss in an hour." # jazz hands
by Billy Bathgate IV July 6, 2015
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Ejaculating into your hand after realizing you have no toilet paper.
"oh dear, no toilet paper......urgh, jazz hands it is then"
by richyrichyrichyrichy April 7, 2007
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A dance move, charecterized by middle aged gay men yelling at you in sequence or acompanied by upbeat show music. To execute this move, you must extend all muscles of the hand until your hand is red, shaking and it hurts. Jazz hands are highly annoying, but effective to impress judges at dance competition.
Dance Teach- Give me jazz hands! I wanna see them red and shakey
Dancer- Are these jazz hands?
DT- (Bends the students hand backwards til it breaks) No! These are Jazz hands, and they are gold!
by atothemotherfrickinc September 28, 2006
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The act of waving one's hands in the air in an eratic manner in response to an emotional song or situation. Similar to spirit fingers except that the entire hand and, ocaisionally, the arms, are utilized.
While listening to the Journey power ballad "Faithfully" John broke out the jazz hands.
by Daddy's home August 15, 2009
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It's when you're getting completely fisted (by a colleague, your boss, the man, etc) with the added value of them opening their hand completely and giving it a shimmy shake.
I'm grossly underpaid at work. I'm getting royally jazz handed.
by twisted spinach June 22, 2010
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When a persons hands shake uncontrolably from alcohol withdrawl.
Man, Just thinking about an ice cold beer right now is giving me a mean case of Jazz Hands!
by Blanket boy May 26, 2009
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