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(n) second-largest city in Massachusetts. Not much to see from the highway, but the city actually has some beautiful old neighborhoods, affordable housing, good schools, and a comparatively low crime rate. It is also a no-frills industrial wasteland, very Lovecraftian in parts. Famed for its diners, punk scene and attitude. Nobody here wants to hear any crap from YOU, understand? good. Dollah-fifty.
For what I would have paid for closet space inside 128, I bought a primo three-decker in Worcester, and I'm letting the other tenants pay my mortgage.
by KazamaSmokers April 07, 2005
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The second largest city in Massachussetts. Historically a mill town and source of industry, Worcester is trying to re-invent itself and attract culture. It will be interesting if it manages to do so before Boston co-opts it as a 'bedroom community'. There are many great restaurants here, a good music scene, the Worcester Art Museum, the Higgins Armory Museum, nine colleges (UMass, WPI, Assumption, for example), several nice parks, some industry and biotech, etc. Like Boston, there are places you don't want to go after dark alone. (esp. Main South) Unlike Boston, you're not living on ramen and ketchup to make rent, and you have to work a little at finding something fun to do. You decide. I've never seen a garbage storm. Also historically known as Wormtown, known to friends as Woosta!
Realtor: You know, Boston is less than an hour away! Out of state person thinks: Really? Cool! Person who lives in/near Worcester thinks: Yeah, but the commute in the morning takes almost two hours, depending on when you start! Or you could take the commuter rail, and hope they've fixed the lateness problem...
Hey, you ever been to the 111 Chop House, Opia 1541, or Zipangos in Woosta! ?
by A Worcester transplant December 15, 2004
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the second largest city in massachusetts, and the third largest city in new england.


most that are not from the north east pronounce it as wor-ches-ter how ever the CORRECT pronounciation would be "wuh-stah", "wi-stah" or "wister" (usually rhymes with sister or mister) it all depends one what part of the city your from. the south and west sides pronounce it wustah, and the east side pronounces it wisstah. alot of other out of towners who have trouble pronouncing the name, but no its not pronounced how its spelled call it "woo-stah", usually making fun of new englanders accents.

City Conditions & Neighborhoods;

the south side:

Worcester is a medium sized city. starting from downtown, the downtown area is fairly small and is kept pretty nice looking until you go further south down main street and come into the neighborhood known as "Main South" which is probably the slummiest area of the city. It is cluttered with abandonned and burned down three deckers (3 floor family homes build in the 1800's for working class familys in certain ethnic areas) also abanned and burned down ware houses, factories etc...but most of the inner city looks like that main south just has the worst of it. also has the highest crime rate in the city, and notorious for its Kilby St. Posse, Vice Lord and Latin King gangs.

the east side:

most known for being a prodominantly italian section of the city, Belmont Street(bell hill/north east), Shrewsbury Street (the resteraunt row/direct east), and Grafton and Hamilton streets (Grafton Hill/ south east). although going south east closer towards Kelly Sq. and Vernon Hill which is directly south of Grafton Street is known for its Polish and Irish neighborhoods. all of these neighborhoods are notorious for their three deckers and pretty slummy neighborhoods (Except shrewbury street) until you drive out of the inner city into the middle class and upper class suburbs. the East Sides most known gangs are PVE (the plumly village east projects, Godbody, and Eastern Ave.

North Side:
the north east side consists of Lincoln Street and the Great Brook Valley projects (known for its MOB Outlaw gang)these projects had a much higher crime rate in the late 80's and early 90's when it had lots of riots and shootings, after the riots died down the neighborhood started to get pretty cleaned up but is still known for its drugs and gang violence. it's ironic because the Great Brook Valley projects are actually located on the upper north east side in the suburbs of lincoln street. the north west is probably the richest, cleanest, and nicest part of the city...where winter hill, and salsbury street are located, there are alot of old mansions and beautiful home slocated in this section of the city, also the oldest park in the country Elm Park, is located on this side of the city. ALot of historic places are found here.

going more outter west towards Tatnuck Sq. which is a known irish area and also a very nice suburban family area of the city. but going out of tatnuck sq. closer into to the city you come to newtown sq. which is a known jewish area. once you pass newton sq. you are going south and come back to the main south and slummy ghetto areas of the city known for shootings, gangs, drugs, and prostitution. but if you state on the outskirts of city, or drive all the way down main street passed all of the slums and ghettos of main south you come out to webster sq. which is a pretty nice working/middle class area of the city.

worcester was recently givin the "All American City" award. and is known for its underground music scene and wonderful resteraunts. most of the city is consisted of slums but the suburbs are alot nicer and cheaper then those in Boston.

nicknames:Wor-town War-town Wormtown, the heart of the state, 7 hills.

the 7 hills:
Vernon Hill (vernon st. and providence st.)
Grafton Hill (grafton st. and hamilton st.)
Bell Hill (belmont street, plantation street)
Green Hill (lincoln street, belmont street)
Dead Horse Hill (stafford street, herd street)
Packachoag Hill (most known as college hill, in college sq)
Airport Hill (webster sq. and tatnuck sq.)
"hey lets go to main south worcester to pick up some hookahs and beat up some cuttys"

"nah man lets go to the east side and pick up some nice italian dames and take em' to anthony's"
by the riflemen flemmi May 11, 2007
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if you're from worcester and you know how to speak, then you will refer to this delightful city as WOOSTAH. in worcester, some daily-lingo includes,

"whats the matta fa you?"
translation: "what's your problem?"

"whea'd you pahk the cah?"
translation: "where is the car parked?"

"when's the festival?"
translation: "when is the italian festival at Mt. Carmel or Lady of Loretto Church?"

"Oh, you want pastry? why didn't you just say so? Just guh down Shrewsbree Street and swing by Scano's bakery & pick up a few things"
translation: "If you want some good dessert, go to Scano's Bakery on Shrewsbury Street"

If you're looking for Italian food or some good bars, head down to Shrewsbury Street.

If you're looking for a biker bar, head to Cicero's, but only if you belong there. Otherwise, you'll get your ass kicked.

If you think you're a gangsta, then go to Holy Name of St. Peter Marian. You'll fit in just fine. Hardcore catholic school kids. Oh, boy.

If you want to strut your stuff on the dancefloor with some crazyass mofos, then head on over to Sh'Booms on Sunday nights. Yes, it's really called that.

Word to the wise, don't look at people wrong, and don't go into Great Brook Valley unless you have connections there.
"let's go jump that kid"


"He looked at me wrong"

"That shit doesn't fly here in Worcester. Let's get him"
by just some wackass worcesterite October 10, 2005
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Worcester UK

One of the most beautiful citys in Britain , Worcester has a lot to offer with the amazing cathedral , many many shops , Lots of restaurants and pubs for all tastes , Nightclubs , Events such as Worcester Festival and the victorian fayre, Worcester has 2 cinema's VUE and Odeon , 3 Bowling Centres - Bowl Xtreme ( The Newest ) Most popular bowling very modern with a dance club etc the other to bowling places are Wickets , and westside both just as good but Bowl xtreme the best.Worcester has to swimming pools - Sansome walk and Lower wick, in the summer holidays sansome walk has a massive infloatable bouncy thing on top of the pool, Malvern Splash - Worcestershire is also a good swimming pool nearby with a massive slide and wave pool. Worcester has many high schools and primary schools to. Also a new college will hold 5,200 students which means Worcester is likely to get more nightclubs for all the ravers out there.

Worcester is also famous for good ol' Worcestershire Sauce the factory Lea and Perrins is based in Worcester and Worcestershire Sauce is now one of the most popular sauce's world wide used in Britain , America , Asia , Australia etc.

Royal Worcester Porcelain is also one of the best china makers in Britain.

Edward Elgar - lived in Worcester and was a VERY famous composer his statue can be found near Worcester Cathedral.

Worcester Bosch is used accross the country to.

Worcester sport is also good with Worcester Rugby Club being in the premiership aswell as Worcestershire County Cricket Club who do very well.

The river severn flows through Worcester and past the fountains what everyone calls them which is at the back of Worcester abbey with nice views across Worcester and nearby the river. Diglis Basin Worcester is in refurbishment with a new hotel , houses , restauraunts and shops coming.

For Fast Food -

Burger King
3 Mcdonalds
1 Pizza Hut

Worcester has many retail sites to around the city which include big stores like:

Pets At Home
Floors 2 Go
Mc Donalds
Pc World


Worcestershire is located in the heart of England, approx 2 hours drive from London and 30 minutes from Birmingham International Airport. There are excellent road links to the M5, M6, M40, M42 and M50. (Look for the brown and white signs which indicate nearby Tourist Attractions.)

Local Popular Attractions:

Severn Valley Railway-Kidderminster - Worcestershire.
West Midlands Safai Park - Bewdley - Worcestershire.

The County Of Worcestershire:

Great Malvern
Malvern Wells
Ashton under Hill
Droitwich Spa
Tenbury Wells
Great Witley
Cleeve Prior
"Let's go to the faithful city , good ol' Worcester"
by Ell March 25, 2005
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You know you're from Worcester when....

You've say bubbler instead of water fountain.
You live on a "private road" that is unpaved and rutted.
You think of $280,000 as cheap for a house.
Your school classes were canceled because of frozen and burst pipes.
You know how to say Shrewsbury (shoes-bree), Worcester (Wusta), Marlborough (Marl-Bro), Leicester (lester), Leomenster (lemon-ster).
You think nothing of commuting two hours each way to work,
but you think people who drive 30 minutes to get to church are weird.
You think 70 degrees is hot and a perfectly fine time to go to the beach or pool.
You know the holy trinity is Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and, Friendly's. There's at least 2 of the three on any major intersection.
You call sprinkles "jimmys"
You drop your R's towards the end of a sentence.
You can name all the 7 hills of Worcester.
Man from Worcester : "Hey go pahk the cah we'll get some ice cream with jimmy's on top."

by xjessikerx April 25, 2007
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Worcester is a city in the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. It is the second largest city in New England. A 2006 estimate put the population at 175,898.

Worcester has been awarded Americas City five times as well as the 9th most livable city in America by Forbes. Contrary to Riflemen Flemmis assesment, Worcester has no slums. It does have some rough areas like any other city and thats a stretch. The crime rate is exceedingly low for a city its size. In fact shootings and violent crime are rare.

I have lived in many cities in my lifetime and Worcester is by far the cleanest and safest. Urban decay is almost non-existent with the exception of a few abandoned factories. Even the so-called bad areas of the city are clean and intact. Worcester has been voted "Americas City" five times!!

Anyone who believes Worcester is slummy is delusional. Maybe they should take a drive through Holyoke or Springfield.
Worcester is one of only a few cities to win the National Civic League's coveted "All-America City Award" five times
by denjoe12 May 22, 2009
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