-To hang out with one's girlfriend instead of chillin with the bros

-stems from gargling balls
"So did you call all the bros about laser tag tonight?"
"Yea, but Steve cant come because he's gargling."
"...what a little bitch."

"I'd call Matt but he's probably gargling balls."

"Bro, were chillin tonight at Todd's. Its gonna be redonkulous."
"I cant because Im hanging out with Katie tonight"
"You gargle hard bro." (hang up the phone)
by wafflehouse April 1, 2009
Upon dying, the soon-to-be-corpse in question sometimes makes a gargling noise. Drawing from this, to gargle means to die or to kill someone - depending on context.
He gargled = He died
I gargled him = I killed him
Gargle, you SOB! = Die, you SOB!
by Annihilator-tPW October 27, 2013
this is the CORRECT answer to the age old question 'Spit or Swallow'. Spit or swallow is a trick question invented by men to check exactly how dirty the woman is. Women have never figured this out, spitting leads to the head being firmly held in place next time and swallowing results in us aiming at the eyes.
by vojtart April 12, 2006
C'mon down to the boozer for a few gargles, Shambo. All the lads are here and the gee is wall-to-wall.
by Gheorghe Hagi July 18, 2005
gargle is what my five roomies want me to do when they blow their loads in my mouth and want to see how much cum I'm going to swallow.
My roomies gave me cadet bukkake, and they wanted me to gargle all the cum they shot into my mouth!
by USAF Cadet August 22, 2021
(v.) a form of oral sex in which the male places his scrotom in a another persons mouth while they are gargling water.
Please gargle my scrotom in your mouth for sexual plessure.
by Sammy19 December 20, 2007