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The situation you are in if your dropship crashes and leaves you stranded on a planet full of nasty extra terrestrials.
I guess this is it, man, I guess we're pretty fucked, game over, man, game over!
by Zalis August 05, 2004
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The alternative to You Are Dead! in games that are not Resident Evil
Game Announcer Voice:Game Over

Gamer:Damn i died again


Screen Reads: You Are Dead!(in Blood)

Gamer:(screaming) I know damnit
by Chris Duett November 06, 2007
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1) Saying that you have the situation in the palm of your hand.
2) When something happens that causes you to give up.
I'm going to the movies in my new APC's and a white v-neck. It's game over duude.

I was talking to this girl and I found out she has a boyfriend. It's game over.
by lightjak2210 September 02, 2010
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Like a Hangover but when you play videogames for too long and develop a headache and a senstivity to bright lights and loud noises.
I played video games with Renx all night and woke up with a horrible game-over.
by originalrenx December 06, 2009
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