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Vehicle seen in all incarnations of the game "F-Zero."
The Blue Falcon is a well-balanced car that's good for beginners learning the game.
by Zalis December 3, 2003
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A representation of laughter sometimes attributed to people of Asian origin. Sometimes includes more ke's.
kekekekekeke omg zergrush (credit to SomethingAwful Comedy Goldmine for this example)
by Zalis August 12, 2004
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A word which, like whom, has come to be thought of as overly formal and stuffy in American speech. In current use, it indicates a very strong intention or will to do something.

Traditionally, shall is used as an auxilliary to form the future tense for the first person: ("I" and "we")

I shall go
you will go
he/she/it will go
we shall go
they will go

Negative: shall not, contracted as shan't.
This service was atrocious! We shan't be coming back here again!
by Zalis August 3, 2004
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Any disc recieved from America Online that contains its product. Since using the programs represents a net inefficiency for your time, it is better to use them as coasters that you can set your drinks on, lest you damage a wood or other valuable surface.
I got so many AOL 9.0 coasters last month, I glued them to my ceiling and now it's shiny, disco-style.
by Zalis April 5, 2005
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Initiated by Noah Webster in the early 19th century, American Spelling is perhaps the most successful effort ever to make the English language more phonetically written, thus decreasing its unnecessary difficulties for people trying to learn it as a foreign language.
Come on, do people in England really pronounce "centre" as "sen-tray"?
by Zalis August 3, 2004
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The situation you are in if your dropship crashes and leaves you stranded on a planet full of nasty extra terrestrials.
I guess this is it, man, I guess we're pretty fucked, game over, man, game over!
by Zalis August 6, 2004
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See as a friend; meanings are synonymous.
She said that I gave her sort of a "family" vibe, and I knew that that translated to "you're like a brother to me."
by Zalis March 29, 2005
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