1. to see each other
2. to talk over
1. Look, I'm gonna holler at you tomorrow?
2. So what you need to go is to holler at him and get an advance.
by t-becks June 4, 2004
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"That boy is cute, I think I will try to holler at him.
by Shannon April 21, 2005
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to use, see, hold, etc.
(At the dinner table) Let me holler at that gravy.
by nargyle November 19, 2007
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To call or shout
If you need help, just holler.
Give me a holler when you are ready to be picked up.
Stop your hollering
by MMNaps January 25, 2017
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in the south east mountains of the united states this word is used instead of hollow;A small rising valley region between two hills or mountains;often containing a creek; and of course it can also mean to scream or yell.
He ben mared bout fie yer now ;livin bout a mile up tu holler he got a place onu east side the crik.=He has been married about five years now;living about a mile up the hollow;he has a place on the east side of the creek
by polksalad September 26, 2010
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An excessive amount of yelling or loud-talking, which is usually the result of (or resulting in) a fight, stabbing, killing, or some other physical altercation.

Setting: A fight breaks out at the club. A bouncer comes to break up the fight. Both fighters are yelling to avoid looking like a punk.

Person A to Person B on the sidelines at the club:
There's way too much holleration going on in here. Let's go before somebody starts shooting.
by Urbaknight February 16, 2008
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Someone who is single and can be hit on without the pain of a boyfriend or girlfriend in the way.
Hey, man did you hear dat hot ass beezy is hollerable after having dat big fight wit her boy!
by Melissa Carpet May 19, 2006
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