A man who enjoys the company of their hand, often masturbating due to their excessive loneliness.
Well that is a true gaffer for you.
by AlexTee December 7, 2010
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Original Definition is "Gay Ass Fag" thus the G.A.F. This is used to denote any and all skiers on the mountain or a poser if you are skating.
"Joey!", "I can't get around the mountain with all of these fucking gaffers in the way!"
by Mike Hizzart April 20, 2005
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The opposite of a goofer; someone who intentionally is bad at everything; a runt/ scandral
The kid is such a friggin gaffer. I told him to give me gas money and then he stole.
by milkbigmilk April 20, 2016
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a term used when someone invites people to a gathering but in the end he backs out leaving the invited people in rage
ahmed invited 5 people for having a chat in the park but in the end he himself didnt show up leaving the other 5 people in rage. gaffer scam kardiya
by Slayer234 May 19, 2021
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someone that mucks about
"stop being a giffer gaffer and get your bum over here"
by shaniahoreilly June 29, 2017
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its a irish word for “house coat” or “dressing gown
“oi pass me tha gaffer jacket, it’s fuckin freezin in here pal
by yupthesesh101 November 1, 2018
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