a girl who is known for giving head; a slut; a brainer;
Kathlene is a gaffer, she sucks mad dick,what a hoe
by K,C September 30, 2007
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A tobacco cigarette, most notably one of the roll up variety.

Sometimes abbreviated "gaff".
Lash me a rizla, I fancy a gaffer.
by The Greek 88 October 28, 2010
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A line of Cocaine...preferably a large one
I am really drunk...I could really use a gaffer
by Hayton April 21, 2005
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A Gurl that suckz cock 4 money
Tonya Fisher and stacey furlong
by shawty March 25, 2005
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a man who drives a big old car eg. a senetor or granada 2.9i ghia x, wears a sheepskin coat, and taks nothing but drivel repeating the phrase " two grand" over and over. he is always in the pub and always trying to sell you something you don't need
that gaffer at the bar is selling some gold chains dead cheep
by Dog Robo June 1, 2009
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darwin's theory stated that human evolved from apes...gaffer evolved from grains cross breeded with coconuts.
gaffer is someone who f*ck*d your m*other.
by lord gaffer July 13, 2006
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