2 definitions by Bene Gesserit

1. The head of the electrical department on a movie set,an old man, or the foreman of a squad of workmen. Men who tended street lamps, after the "gaff" they used, a pole with a hook on its end.

2. A person, usually female, who licks cum off of a cock, also referred to as the drippage. Or a person who licks cum from a non-standard location, like a plate, or other area, like the hand after giving a handjob.
Man 1: Ugh, ya baby, gaff that dick.

Man 1: Yo, did you see the DSLs on that one?
Man 2: Fuckin Gaffer, who-a.

by Bene Gesserit February 11, 2007
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To take a person to a Bed and Breakfast (Hotel) for the purpose of sex. The standard course of action with a Mistress, or Escort, that is visiting a Hotel where breakfast is served. Also may be used to indicate that the entire night was spent until breakfast, but not necessarily at a Hotel.
Man 1: Where'd you go last night with that girl from the club.
Man 2: I B'n B'ed the bitch.

Man 1: (Calling Man 2) What's up G?
Man 2: Can't talk holmes, I am B'n B'ing someone.

by Bene Gesserit February 11, 2007
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