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A cable channel that is only available in a extra package, showing off the latest video games.

Originally a sub par network ,the hosts are made up of young good looking people (most who are mostly really annoying and don’t even play video games). The production quality of the shows are really bad, like something on a local access channel. There were a couple of good shows but, coming up with new episodes for them was slow, so you were doomed to watch the same episodes over and over again.

The channel was owned by Comcast, which ranks up there on the evil scale with Disney and Microsoft. Comcast bought Tech TV (the greatest channel ever) and ruined all the shows by firing host who actually knew what they were doing and replacing them with host who... you guessed it look good, but are annoying as hell and no nothing about the subject of technology (a prime example would be Kevin Pereira).

Comcast’s plans were to reel in the huge amount of dedicated nerds who watch tech TV for hours every day. Instead almost 99% of the original fans of tech TV stopped watching the new hybrid channel known as "g4techtv". But for every tech TV fan who stopped watching the network, 1-3 preteens who knows a little as the hosts of the shows stared watching the network. The network would later be renamed back to g4.

There was nothing that could be done to save tech TV, however there are still great tech shows like "call for help 2.0" which are at g4’s Canadian branch and internet show like “the broken” and “system” which have sprung up by former employs of tech TV.

note: there is also a website for g4 which consists of a forum made up of dumb ass preteens who think they no about gameing and computers but really no jack shit.
See: tech TV , g4, g4techtv
Man,im going to miss some of the tech TV greats like Pat,leo,yoshi,martin etc...
by AltCoder April 30, 2005

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Short for "flag capture", a term used in multiplayer games(mostly FPS)where the objective is to steal the other teams flag and bring it back to your base.
That sneaky ass mother fucker just got a flag cap!
by AltCoder May 01, 2005

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When your beaten in a competitive multiplayer game by a complete noob who has been playing less that a day and you have been playing for years.
Dude, your little brother just noobed me in halo.
by AltCoder April 30, 2005

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a player in a FPS (or any other multiplayer game which involves fast action and guns) who sits back as other players duke it out in a firefight, and makes an appearance after the victor of the duel is left with a little amount of health and kill him/her for an easy kill. Much like a janitor cleans up after a mess.
Dude, its no fun playing Halo with you anymore because all you do is janitor with your assault rifle.
by AltCoder April 30, 2005

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A bunch of redneck losers who lifes consist of guns.

signs of an NRA member:
-over grown "80's porn star mustache"
-old beat up pick up truck with bumper sticker that says "keep honking im reloading"
- more that 10 toes
-still lives with mom at age 30
-lives in a trailer with mom
-brags about the time he was arrested on "cops"
-girlfriend wears small tube tops (even tho she is obesily over weight),daisy dukes, and sandals
-thinks voting 4 Bush is a good idea because he will make guns easier to obtain
-less than 5 teeth in mouth
-trash can filled with beer bottles
-wears an old faded out cap with a nascar logo
-reeks of the smell of urine and boose
see: redneck Republican
Thank god there are people like Michael Moore in this country.
by AltCoder May 01, 2005

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Used by people who play halo, after killing an opponent u repeatedly squat down over the corpse of your enemy and yell "toss my salad bitch!" before they respawn.
see: tbag
Toss my salad like your mom tossed it last night
by AltCoder April 30, 2005

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