Goat Immunodeficiency Virus
Dude fucked Vernon the goat and now he’s got GIV
by Coggles August 22, 2020
Shortened form of "give" normally used in texting or CoC(clash of clans).
Texting form:
Todd: Hey Ive got my old bike still, you can have it if you want it.
Mark: Yeah sure giv it to me tomorrow.

CoC form:
Todd: Hey Mark could you donate a dragon to me real quick?
Mark: Yeah. Ive got a couple trained and i only need one. Giv me a sec.
Todd: Thx(thanks)
Mark: Np(no problem)
by hyanrampton13 July 13, 2014
its a kinda wats up......

john:hey man

tom:hey wad givs?

john:nutin much man!!
by nice_boy April 11, 2009