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To do something for the fun of it. The word was originally used on the TV show scrubs.
"I did it for funsies" meaning "I did it for fun!"
by abbilious September 05, 2006
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Basically fun, having fun. Having good times. Etc.,ect.
We had funsies last night at the party.
Hanging with you is total funsies.
by jojo_my_mojo October 17, 2008
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The sarcastic suggestion that something provides enjoyment or amusement.

It is pronounced fuhn-zee
Zac - any homework?
Alexa - just some reading about Buddhism.
Zac - funsy.
by Alexa and Zac February 18, 2009
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When someone you are not attracted to tries to un-button your pants against your will with intentions of seeing some cock. May involve large amounts of alcohol.
Person #1 "Wanna go have some funsies?"
Person #2 "Whats funsies?"

Person #1 Goes for zipper
Person #2 "WTF?!!?!?" Runs away
by Ken Singelby February 12, 2007
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A relationship with someone that is not public, is not serious, and is just for fun on both sides. But feels like an actual relationship because of the things you do.
Person 1: So yesterday guess who I was with?

Person 2: Your funsies??
Person 1: Someone almost saw us together !
by hellowords October 22, 2018
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Sexual intercourse and associated activities. Once used on the sitcom "Maud".
Bob: Sue and I got naked and had funsies last night!

Dick: Do you mean you were fucking?

Bob: Er... yes.

Dick: Well why didn't you say so then?
by Michiwawa November 04, 2011
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