To do something for the fun of it. The word was originally used on the TV show scrubs.
"I did it for funsies" meaning "I did it for fun!"
by abbilious September 5, 2006
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The act of skipping in a homosexual manner.
Brian and Gregory made funsies together.
by Weiner Tickle November 13, 2005
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Sexual intercourse and associated activities. Once used on the sitcom "Maud".
Bob: Sue and I got naked and had funsies last night!

Dick: Do you mean you were fucking?

Bob: Er... yes.

Dick: Well why didn't you say so then?
by Michiwawa November 5, 2011
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Basically fun, having fun. Having good times. Etc.,ect.
We had funsies last night at the party.
Hanging with you is total funsies.
by jojo_my_mojo October 18, 2008
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The sarcastic suggestion that something provides enjoyment or amusement.

It is pronounced fuhn-zee
Zac - any homework?
Alexa - just some reading about Buddhism.
Zac - funsy.
by Alexa and Zac February 19, 2009
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a sex position where one partner wears a onesie and proceeds to have sex with the other partner while they try to figure out how to get in
"last night was so great with my boyfriend, after we both fit in the onesie, we funsied all night long"
by onesielover October 9, 2009
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