The feeling after a night out when you feel terrible. Usually beacause of the amount of alcohol you have consumed.
by jimbouk August 17, 2009
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It's proannouced "'anging"

The word was orginally invented in Cardiff, it's means slapper.
"Look at that girl, she cowing 'anging"
by amo December 8, 2003
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Hang someone from a rope around there neck to kill them.
Donald Trump will be hanging from a tree soon!
by The Best UD User January 23, 2017
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1.when you do high five someone and watch awardly stand there like a sad carboard cut out

2.A ritual of going to the afterlife by peaceful suicide and ceiling fans,upon arrival you will swiftly be greeted by all your friends who cheered you on, or the ghost of billy mays.Should you go to hell for not using a celing fan you will be stuck with jim henson and kermit the frog for enternity,you deserved this
Let's go attend keemstar's hanging and leave a tribute of bleach"
by Some one hang me July 27, 2017
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Also pronounced "Angin'"

Means Fantastic, Rad, Hot, sizzling!
STEVE:Awww Mayte that bird Gemma is hanging!
FREDDIE: Awww MAYTE! Don't give me a woody!
STEVE: Sozzie Boss!
by x-Kaylzz-x January 22, 2008
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noun - a person who comes to a party or a gathering where drugs or alcohol are being consumed and becomes too intoxicated too early or just too tired and falls asleep, passes out, or leaves. this term is used to heckle a person in that situation.
Party host: "aw man im tired, i gotta go bed, you guys gotta go home"
Guest or guests: "BOOOO!! NO-HANG!"

Smoker#1: "Yo, its your hit"
Smoker#2: "Naw I cant take anymore"
Smoker#1: "No-hang...."
by P-zilla April 26, 2006
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