'funni', a mispell of the word 'funny'. Most commonly used to sarcastically remark something that is supposed to be funny, or just used to express sillyness.
"did u watch that vid i sent u? is so funni x3"
by Felkvir May 9, 2015
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An intentional misspelling of the english word, "Funny". While "Funny" means that something is entertaining or comedic, "funni" usually is a way of adding sarcasm to it.

So, if you tell your friend a joke and they say "very funni" the joke may have been quite lame or only mildly entertaining.
Shanequa: Ayo i was shakin' my ass the other day and this guy told me it looked like two jiggly pancakes!
Maurice: very funni

In this example, Maurice did not find Shanequa's words funny in any way.
by Anonymous Mother March 8, 2017
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Term used when talking about a meme, that is a video, because memes are pictures, and vines aren’t in style anymore, that awkward moment arises when you want to to say you have a “funni” to show to someone, that’s what it simply is.
Bruh check this out, lemme show you this funni”
by Walking_slushee January 1, 2021
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Funny funny: 1, when you something is funny because of the irony of it. 2, when someone lies but you know the truth and it’s funny watching them make excuses.
3. When ur pissed off/annoyed or in the heat of an argument and you do the deep laugh as you shake your head in disbelief.
1. Being lied to when you know the truth is funny funny
2. *When someone says something which you haven’t heard before about yourself ie rumours* ohh that’s funny funny
by 2short4thetopshelf July 26, 2019
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When an idea first strikes you at funny, then you quickly realize its seriousness, and the funniness disappears, leaving you only with the feeling of how not funny it really is.
Hey, wouldn't it be funny if Donald Trump actually won the election and became President of the United States?! Wait, funny-not funny.
by squarloey December 31, 2018
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What Poland really wants to do when enacting NATO art. 5, AKA nuclear annihilation.
"Do it Poland, do The Funni, press the button"
by April 13, 2022
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