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At risk that this definition is gonna get a more dislikes than likes (as the other definition of this have) I'm just gonna give a definition:
Truth is, I can't.
I've never heard this term before... in my LIFE!
And I'm a horny bastard.
So I'm just gonna make something up that makes no sense whatsoever.

No condom rule:
When you pretend this is an actual rule you have, but secretly, you're out of condoms.
No condom rule.
GF: You got protection?
BF: Nah, babe. No condom rule.
GF: Since when did you have a "no condom rule".
BF: Since I ran out of condoms.
GF: You had 10 condoms, and we only slept together once.
BF: Yeah... that's another thing I need to say.
GF: Who is she?
BF: My right hand.
by Mr Irrelevant September 24, 2016
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