when you stick someone with a plasma grenade in Halo and they run to someone else on their team right before it blows up so they both die and you get a double kill.
In Halo I stuck an opponent with a plasma grenade and yelled "tell your friend" and he did, so I got a double kill.
by tayna273 October 7, 2009
The day where you show off you friends by making a vid about them or sending them a text saying how much you love them.
National tell your friends you love them!! me texting my friends
Me: hey bestie I wanna tell you something!
Bestie: what?
Me: I just want to tell you that I love you so much you make my life so much better!!💙
Bestie: aww thank you, I love you too bestie!❤️

Go tell your friends you love them
by Not_janae November 17, 2021
the first and pretty much only great albaum from the band taking back sunday, which at their peak is one of the most badass bands around. every track is great with the exception of the blue channel which is somewhat decent. one of the best albaums ever...

the songs on their ep with various line ups, rank shorty bellow t.a.y.l
me: "you should tell all your friends about tbs's new albaum tell all your friends or i'll punch you in the head"

you: "ok man" :/

me: "damn straight bitch ass"
by hazy_eyes_91 February 4, 2009
This day takes place on December 26th, the day after Christmas! Christmas is a day of being with those you love, so the day after is for telling your best friends what you love about them day!
Hey bro, it's national tell your friend what you love about them day, so I thought i'd tell you how I love your sense of humor! Love ya, bro!
by why is every username in use December 26, 2019