You Remember xD? You like :3? Well, x3 is the combination :D

You can use it when u found something funny or something that you say to someone you like
x3 is a happy cat face that heard a funny joke or is happy for a reason
by ItzWolfex December 27, 2017
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An elaboration of the popular :3 emoticon. Also featured in Anime, x3 describes an extatic or cheeky 'cute' character. The 'x' depicts eyes tightly scrunched together.

In internet chatter, x3 is often used as a youthemism to describe one's playfull or joking intentions.
"I has teh bukkit x3", "Can I come play? x3", "Kawaii~ x3"
by Tehsparx January 30, 2009
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Such as '=3' only, more used. Many people use this on pixel forums. It also can be used as "xD" but, a cuter laugh.
Person 1: !!!!! Look! A muffin is walking! O__O
Person 2: x3
by xstephee April 10, 2006
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x3 is another way of <3, also know a heart.
by Mark August 5, 2005
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Any gang that has the x3 is controlled by the MEXICAN MAFIA
such as MSX3 SSLX3 SURX3
by SpOoKkY January 24, 2008
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A powerful Herbal Incense. Like K2 or Spice
Man that x3 aroma is strong!
by jwhban December 1, 2010
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