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Your partner releases a boul movement, while being fucked in the ass.
while having anal sex last night, me and my partner funcked. It was gross!!
by John March 31, 2005
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A word to describe being drunk on fun. For when good old, honest jubilation leads to a high unaided by a drug or any illegal substance.
"Hey, man, you wouldn't even believe the night I just had. First we saw Nicholas Cage in that wizard movie..."

"Woah were you high?"

"Not yet man. But it was so bad, we started replacing a single word in each sentence said with something dirty. We thought this was really creative and thought others should hear it. So we started walking to an open mic and found three coupons to a psychic and she told us we were gonna come into some cash. After pants-ing some skateboarders in the park, we kinda got chased into a borders and kept switching the outside sleeves on hardcovers. Look, long story short, we were funked as shit, tipping cows does not apply to horses, and I found 5 dollars".

"None of that sounds really exciting unless you're drunk".

"Like I said, we were funked".
by mary poppinbag March 13, 2011
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Having nothing to retort with in a rippings-battle.
Boy1: Your dicks so thin you could pick up signals from space.

Boy2: (silence) Followed up quickly by an angered look.

Boy1: No need for the tears, you've been funked mate.
by jaffasurprise March 03, 2011
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The morning after smoking ganjaganja where one feels groggy and tired
I was so funked at brunch the other day I felt like puking.
by TERD SNIFFER December 09, 2017
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