What philly heads use to refer to another male.

(Pronounced as bull)
The boul Julius just got locked up.

My young boul is sick as freestyling.
by Mike Dot G September 20, 2006
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1. Altered form of "bull." Usually used in classes or around parents to mask the users real opinion on a subject. See: bull shit.

2. Something extremely stupid.

3. Used to mark something random/an expression.
1 & 2: "That's such boul!"

3. "What boul is this?" "Crazy boul, man."
by Heroin Sheik January 11, 2004
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This is a Philadelphian slang term used instead of saying "guy." A lot of the time, a "boul" is someone's friend, or peer. Dude; friend; man.
Nolan: Yo that boul just got slumped in the mitt.
Jake: He best swing back and make sure boul's drawl is gone.
by Old Head Jake July 15, 2017
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A French game (known in English as bowls). Was in the Crazy Monkey movie. You have to throw metal balls at another one. Whoever's team gets their ball closer wins.
Let's play boules.
You mean bowls.
WTF? You pronounce them the same I think, how could you tell which one I said?
by Serminigo May 2, 2006
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J: mate, did you get some boulay boulay last night?

S: yeah mate, i totally bouled her
by jjpizzle May 5, 2007
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person a: oh no I've bouled!

person b: I'll prepare the table.
by SmexySaber June 24, 2021
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