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Cathy is well known as the leader of the gossip pit. Cathy and her gossip pit, spreads and sends cruel rumors anonymously to damage people's reputations for their personal entertainment.
Person : "Who's Cathy?"
Next Person: "She's the leader of the gossip pit, are described as having extremely overweight, so overweight as to be in danger of heart disease."
by silver line March 16, 2018
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The slut of Katherine, known for rumours and gossip. She is a complete bitch, and is very thirsty. She has slutty, whore and hoe esque tendencies, she will call her booty call and he or she will decline as she is so thirsty. Definitely not girlfriend material and is flat AF. She stuffs her bra and uses pads to fill her knickers,we bet her favourite shade of lipstick from is semen, she will be pregnant at 16 and her first boy's name shall me seamen, and girl? Her name will be cumberly, she's a delight to have... note the sarcasm *rolls eyes*
Boy1: Wow did you see Cathy today?
Boy2: Yeah her sister is such a Cathy too.
Bot3: Yeah she be looking like a total slut with a fake Gucci handbag.
by UNKNOWN000666 August 22, 2017
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Cathy is a drunk hoe who will steal ur mans even if she has her own CUZ SHE IS A DUMB BITCH and is also a whole pedophile so watch the fuck out

Lilly: was it Cathy? She does that when’s she drunk she can’t control herself
by Godly hoeapple September 21, 2018
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a girl with a huge penis
sara- you are such a cathy
by fnibf September 10, 2016
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A girl that acts like ur friend to ur face, but thinks she's better than other girls yet gets insecure/jealous of prettier girls. Will ditch u the instant u both have a mutual ATTRACTION for a guy(&will say how he was LITERALLY looking at her the ENTIRE time). U can spot her flat, greasy ass hair from parsecs away, but she acts lyk it's da silkiest hair ever. Tries to act cute&short(she calls 5'7" short ((":). One of THOSE ppl. that continuously say "I'm so ugly!1!2!!1"(n she is??)so others will compliment her. Hobbies incl. humblebragging abt. materialistic gifts as well as telling others that ANY guy who even goes near her is "flirting"w/ her&acts as if she doesn't like it,&as if she didn't imagine it/lie about it. As if any guy would go near her skanky egg-shaped bread face&flying squirrel arms (fat arms).Loves 2 make her ""relationships""&I love you's public on social media(bc what even is "private messaging"????)&loves to post traced/COPIED art&call it her art/call it "art"&tries not to make it obvious,when she isn't fooling any1.Loves to use the dog filter (see also hoe filter) on SC for ALL her selfies(which she takes every second bc she's probs narcissistic).Believes the guy has to do ALL of the work in a relationship(bc she believes in gender roles&reLaTIONshiP gOALZZ!12!!1)&gets annoyed if said guy--whom she is not even in an official relationship w/--even bREATHES NEAR, let alone talks to another girl, yet she's "friends" w/ the entire global male population.
A girl that's extremely catty--pun may or may not be intended.

Chatty, catty, skanky Cathy! ((((-:

Cathy will ditch her girl "friends" for guys because she is a fugly skank.

Cathy thinks she's smart, but she's quite possibly--if not definitely--the dumbest bitch you will ever meet.

Cathy looooves gossiping, esp. about other girls.

That Cathy blurs the shiiiit out of her pictures, dude.

Cathy is a hypocritical bitch, amiroite???
by princess ! January 03, 2017
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to take over a copy-machine. To run off a million pages of lab materials for students, while others patiently wait to use the machine.
to unknowingly take worksheets
to send a class into your room and disrupt your whole lesson so they can borrow something
to rudely interrupt someone in the middle of a conversation
"I was going to get my lessons ready, but the copy machine is Cathied, now."
"OMG, I have been Cathied! Someone placed their book onto my stack of lessons and took them!"
"My lecture today was totally Cathied, by 5 students coming in and asking for work."
"Don't Cathy my Conversation!"
by bunnybone October 24, 2011
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