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(V) 1. The process of getting screwed into giving one of your friends a ride at the last minute. 2. When you know your friend needs a ride but does not have his phone on him, causing you to go to their house, and they may or may not be present.
Bob: hey man i'm sorry i didn't have my phone on me, but you were my last chance thanks for picking me up.
Joe: Dude you just freakin' Jained me!
by Fierro August 22, 2010
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Usually a Mexican guy, he dances huapangos and most likely shows up uninvited at Quinceañeras.
Todos los huapangueros al escenario

Aye cuh let’s hth
by Fierro December 8, 2019
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Something you say as a joke at first until it gets serious.
It’s all fun n games ‘till we lose.
It’s all fun n games ‘till we get robbed.

It’s all fun n games ‘till we get shot.

It’s all fun n games ‘till I cry
by Fierro November 13, 2020
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