Pajamas. Can also describe other extremely comfortable clothing.
It's time to put on my fudgies; I can't wait for bed.
by tnegaterces February 8, 2010
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A tourist to the northern lower, or eastern upper peninsula of Michigan, especially the Mackinac area. Often these tourist are from lower parts of Michigan, and are usually on vacation "up north". The name fudgie comes from the fact that many of these tourist like to spend lots of time in the many fudge shops in northern Michigan. Locals are generally not fond of fudgies, as they seem to have no small town driving abilities, and can sometimes be snobby or annoying. fudgies are identifiable by bright clothes, and the presence of cameras around their necks and the use of fanny packs. also, the use of shoes and sock at wholly inappropriate times, such as on the beach and the pronunciation "Mack-in-ack" are dead giveaways.
You don't have to use your blinker there! what the hell is he doing?

Calm down, its just another fudgie
by gooseman2009 July 6, 2010
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A tourist to the Northern Michigan region. (Upper Peninsula, or Northern Lower Michigan).

"Fudgies" can be identified by the following features:
1. Bright Clothing
2. Absurd amount of cologne.
3. Wearing Socks and Shoes on the beach.
4. Wearing Socks with their Sandals.
5. Driving a Cadillac.
6. City driving habits.
7. Incapability to park within the lines.
8. Using spray bottles on the beach to identify "Petoskey Stones."
9. Pronunciation of Mackinac as "Mack-in-ack"
10. Asking, "What time does the bridge swing over to the island?"
"Do they realize that almost every stone on this beach is a Petoskey stone?"
"Probably not, they look like fudgies."

"Excuse me, how do we get to the Less Chen-ucks Islands?"
"It's just up the road.. and it's 'Les Chenaux'.. damn fudgie."
by qvelmundo August 15, 2011
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a tourist, typically middle-aged and often overweight, who enjoys fudge and similar confections, especially in places like Mackinac Island Michigan or Door County Wisconsin.
"My God, Clark, you almost ran over that fudgie."
by Joe Bone April 2, 2005
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The act of sticking a finger up the taint (gooch) or arse in a quick motion to cause a shock to the unknowing victim.
"John was stood there and I fudgied him, it almost frightened the life out of him"
by Adolphzuckerberg June 3, 2016
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A pair of women's underwear with poop and or blood stains
That girl is rocking mad nasty fudgies!
by Butterbread September 17, 2018
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What ones dog leaves on the rug
Hey honey, bring some toilet paper...Wheezer left a fudgie in our bedroom.
by Paramedicine-Man June 8, 2016
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