A small County in Wisconsin where nothing happens and we get bombarded with retarded tourists every summer. These people are from Illinois mostly (pronounced Ellinoisss to make them mad) and buy lots of stuff and ask stupid questions. And yes we do have snoplows we arnt trapped inside all winter. Gibraltar dominates! woot
Dumb Tourists in Door County:
Whats the difference between chopped and whole cherry jam?

Is Washington Island really an island?

Why do the trees grow in straight rows? theyre orchards . . .
by RaeMan March 6, 2007
A Door-County-gasm is one of the cumgasms a guy has when he's vacationing in Door County and eats some pot-stickers, gets into an outdoor jacuzzi on a moonless but glittering star-lit night and suck your buddie's dick underwater while he jacks you off with one of your knobby fleshlights until you're almost ready to cum, -- then he pulls it off your cock and you blow your load into the fleshlight, suck it out and sno-ball it, and then you swallow it and do it again.
I went to Door County with Matt, and had several Door County-gasms while there!
by USAF Cadet February 2, 2021
While wearing a bomber green condom you Lube a girl's butt up with Hellman's mayonnaise inline her butt cheeks with slaw then violently anally penetrated her
Oh yeah I was back behind the grocery store the other day giving this girl The back door Ballard County slaw dog.
by Cairo Jerry July 12, 2019