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1. when you've made something so bad and broken it cannot be fixed. 2. when you/someone knew it was getting worse but did nothing about it andnow its too far gone to be fixed. 3. when something is so completly awfull/disgusting, that it makes you sick to think about how you let it get so bad, or let it happen at all.
"my life is so fucked up."

usually accompanied by "shit" or "im sorry"
by ledzep_cry July 12, 2009
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
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A level of status. Typically used in reference to being physically, mentally, morally/ asthetically, performance-wise, or even theoretically damaged in some way. It, in and of itself has many gradient levels, such as 'slightly fucked up', or 'extremely fucked up', but all versions have to do with describing the level of damage. A wonderfully universal root word, to be sure.
1. (physical): "Ow! Man, I just fucked up my thumb by slamming it with my hammer!"
2. (mentally): "That chick is SO fucked up, she ate a full ounce of magic mushrooms!"
3. (morally/ asthetically): "See that landscaping feature? Now THAT is fucked up! Anyone with half a brain wouldn't do that!"
4. (performance-wise): "This horse's lap time is so fucked up, I could wak around the track faster than him!"
5. (theoretically): "Naw, man...that would be so fucked up if you did that!"
by Phalanx October 03, 2004
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Someone that is screwing their life up in a way that will effect them 10+ years from now.
by The Omegian November 29, 2013
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Being extremely intoxicated on drugs or alcohol.
I was so fucked up last night that I couldn't see straight.
by me February 19, 2003
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when something utterly wrong is happening to you and your life, usually having to do with another person.
In some bad cases the other person who caused it may not see the wrong in what is occuring.
It is also a state your life can be in.
My gf claimed she loved me and i was her best friend, then cheated on me with another guy. I took her back and we broke up and an hour later she was with the other guy and she still wanted to be my best friend. FUCKED UP!

A robber broke into my house and fell down the stairs and broke his leg. He sued me for $100,000 and won. FUCKED UP!
by liedtokid February 20, 2009
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