When a person has been so absorbed in what he/she believes to be true, that no amount of reality, logical or factual explanation or actual proof, to show them that their believe is 100% wrong, will convince him/her otherwise.

The acronym "tfg" is mostly used. (Especially used in political discussions)
Your logical explanation of the facts are falling on deaf ears, because he is too far gone!
by Mike585421 December 2, 2018
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When a member of a team has pregamed way far beyond the game and reached the post game highlights. Usually a lightweight person.
Rick: Yo broski, Katie Garrity is too far gone!!

Chaz: Yeah brosophocles, but she only pregamed with like 4 shots.
by ChadBroChills January 30, 2011
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When a single individual is beyond the point of sobriety that he/she is no longer on this planet
“Jimmy can’t have another drink, he is just too far gone

“I tried to smoke another bowl, but I was too far gone”
by Theweirdestusername November 17, 2018
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When a female is messing with the wrong dude and you are trying to get it but she is (too far gone)
Harry-Hey bro you getting it with saara yet?
Colin- Nah man she’s too far gone.
by CJDALTON6 July 8, 2019
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