When you want a bitch to take ya dick down her throat but you gotta ask like a gentleman with minimal effort.
Yo sharaya, will you have me down that neck?
by PapaCopperpot August 11, 2017
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A useful phrase when you are ending a relationship with a particularly Triflin Mother Fucker.
TMF: I'm busy working all week. And next week too.
Woman: That shit ain't gonna fly. I'm sorry but you must have me mistaken for some other bitch who will put up with that nonsense. See ya!
by Notorious LIZ September 11, 2009
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The last thing you hear your boss say before your sudden demise. Usually because you screwed up that one time. Oops.
by Intelligence001 September 5, 2019
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A phrase I’m which people use when they want to have sex with someone and want to be outright and sexy.
Random guy on the street: Hello. How are you?

Random girl on the street: Come here. (Grab man’s collar) Let’s go back to my house.


Then they have sex
by Bjb Bjb Bjb November 12, 2017
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An idiom most often used in the Southern parts of the United States. Often heard when older men or women are searching in a general area, looking for a misplaced object. They search for a good while, only to find that the object was a few feet from them all the time. They pick it up, brush it off, grin and say:

"If it were a snake, it would have bit me."
This is because in the rural South snakes are a part of life. Everyone has at least one story about the time they were surprised by a rattler or a cottonmouth.

Guy 1: Where are my keys?
Guy 2: They are right in front of you on that table.
Guy 1: If it were a snake, it would have bit me.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ January 29, 2010
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What you say to someone when they act surprised by something you did that is totally you. Used whenever someone shows they don't know you as well as they think.
Riley: "Kelley, why did you eat the last piece of cake?"
Kelley: "HAVE YOU MET ME?"
by Skippyelvis April 11, 2018
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