When she succ so good that its time for fucc
Jayden - man, you give me such a succ

boi - i can also provide fucc

Jayden - mmm yummo
by Mr. Purps succ-boi September 15, 2016
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what all us online crips say because if you claim to be a crip you cant type c+k together at all because it stands for crip killa.
*in aol chat room*me-man fucc all bkloods 4feel rollin' 60s bitch
*rest of tha room*-you spelled fuck wrong you idiot.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit November 19, 2004
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an alternate spelling for the word 'fuck' so as to bypass certain online content screeners on message boards and in chat rooms that would otherwise block the correct spelling of fuck.
person1: i will kill you
person2: **** you
person1: well fucc you
by nmk02 April 2, 2007
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fucc is just “fuck” but the k switched to the C. Used by self claimed Crips or sometimes real Gs.
Sammy: We finna smoke a fat ass blunt tonight you down?

Cassie: Fucc yuh
by screw.head.till.i.D.I.E. November 28, 2018
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man go fucc yourself
by asdftgyhujikoiutgfv September 12, 2020
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When someone has a desire or really likes something.
Friend 1: I love the iPhone 7!
Friend 2: me too, I definitely fuccs with it.
by BRproductions July 6, 2017
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An elite group of spawncamping, teamkilling imbeciles the likes of which the internet has yet to see the equal of. Easily spotted due to the bright pink clan tags proudly displaying their incompetence. Possibly drunk off goon and almost certainly the highest ping in the game. Always on your team, no exceptions.
"How is feeding that hard even possible?"
by rubba duckky September 6, 2012
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