very similar to oral stimulation unto a male, however less conventional. Often used as a bragging right. Another less used, but similar word is fucc. It certainly doesn't mean shut up crazy cunt because that would be the stupidest shit ever
"dude what happened with macca last night?"
"she succ me"
by big tommy boy July 17, 2015
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support, uplift, comfort, and care for
"find you a girl that can give you succ"
"lainey gives the best succ"
by do-my-doge July 26, 2016
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when you ejaculate and she keeps orally pleasing you. usually used as a noun or a verb
jenny gave me the succ last night
by she succ me good June 8, 2016
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the act of healing someone in Overwatch. Typically, you will ask a Mercy for this.
Reaper: Mercy, give me some of that good succ.
by DarrianLea July 24, 2016
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"Dude it was loud in there last night what did you do?"

"she succ me good
by sneklord February 26, 2017
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"Give me the succ Jerald!", said Ya boi Tortellini
"Did you mean suck? And hell no!", replied Jerald (that cheating bastard)
by News doggo doing a report July 15, 2017
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