A man dressed in gold sequins working intimately with a hot girl in various compromisingly close positions remeniscent of kama sutra poses involving friction between silky tight clothing. The man usually ends up at home thinking about the girl with a bottle of that new KY massage oil.
Donny's got figureskater frustration because Tamara and her big juggies keeps pressing into his back while they work on the corporate spreadsheet.
by MrMorrison February 14, 2006
A type of frustration that arises from being single and wanting to be in a romantic relationship, yet you can’t seem to find a person who you are interested in and is willing to have one with you, or being in a romantic relationship where your needs are not being met adequately. The solution to the later may be to talk to your partner about how you feel about where your relationship is going and discuss your needs with them to see if you and your partner can find a way to work things out so both of you are having your needs met.
Derek: Why has Sasha been seeming to be so sad lately?
Kelsey: She is romantically frustrated. Her boyfriend barely spends any time with her these days because he is so busy with his job. As a result, her romantic needs are not being adequately met; so she is really sad these days.
Derek: She should talk to him about it and see if they work something out so both of their needs are being met adequately.

Kelsey: Good idea. I’ll suggest that to her the next time I see her.
by Vanguard 1998 March 14, 2021
when a lack of sex or sexual activities with the other gender leads to a overall bad mood and a dip in social skills. usually long periods of sleep are common
after she broke up with him, he suffered from severe sexual frustration
by J October 29, 2004
the feeling a man gets when is is about to ejaculate his load everywhere, but has to hold off at the last second for another reason
"dude why is Johhn McEnroe always so angry?"

"I think its cause he gets masturbation frustration before every match he plays cause his trainer nearly walks in on him"
by mr man1992 December 6, 2009
The feeling one gets when no new text or voicemail alerts arrive for an extended period of time.
textual satisfaction
It's like my phone is dead; I think I'm feeling some textual frustration.

I'm sorry, I'm just a little textually frustrated because I haven't been texted all day.
by JoseFrijoles May 15, 2010
To be discouraged or angry by the lack of sensual activity. An alternative to sexually frustrated
John has not received a kiss in months, and is feeling sensually frustrated.
by HarlequinOfTheCosmos February 17, 2014