Acronym for "Ku-ki ga Yomenai" . in Japanese.

Literal meaning of the phrase is "He/She can not read the air".

Person who is KY doesn't know what is expected of him to-say or to-do in a situation, and often saying things that cast a chill over the whole room.
@Karaoke box:
Tetsu:Hey girls, have you already made requests for the songs to sing?

Naomi:Yeah, I put new song from Lady Gaga!!

Tetsu:Nice!!, how about you Yoko?

Yoko:I put "Wonder Wall" by Oasis and "Imagin" by Beatles and "America's natinal anthem" and...

Tetsu:Wow,, wait! did you know you have to sing all the songs consequtively?

Yoko:Yeah ovieously!

Tetsu:...But people take turns in Karaoke Yoko!

Yoko:Why? "first come first serve" applys here too isn't it?

Naomi:Tetsu, forget it, Yoko is so KY.

Yoko:I really don't understand what all the fuss you are making?

Yoko:OK OK OK!!! I'll cancel one song from my list, now its 3 songs, are you happy now?

Naomi,Tetsu:What ever.
by TTA2 March 5, 2010
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it is a Japanese saying, and it really means "kuki yomenai." That is when there is a group of people and one person just is out there. She doesn't know what is going on, and she cant tell what the other people are trying to do.
person A: Isn't Mrs. Otter just so mean! She gave me a F.
group of people: Yeah she can be a bitch sometimes.
KY girl: I like her, shes nice.
group of people:...
person A: WOW you are sooo KY!!
by sumiko March 24, 2008
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something said meaning kill yourself when you have an FML moment. You can use it playing video games when someone dies or does something stupid. another way to say fail
girl: Oh my god i broke a nail.

Boy: Go KY.
by kykykykm January 21, 2010
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The most attractive person on planet earth. A person with the name or nickname "Ky" usually has a dick approximately 7 to 9 inches in size, And can last the longest in bed.
Girl 1: Omg Ky just fucked Mr raw for 2 hours without stopping. I literally couldn't walk after.

Girl 2: really?, gotta give that a try.
by THE7INCHWONDER January 5, 2023
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Known to be as a jelly for gays, that they place 1/3 of the way up there arsehole, to make there ass all slippy when having sex, so dignifying.
Gay 1: Im From the KY Gang.
Gay 2: Oh yea? Which country?
Gay 1: Im from the other country...
Gay 2: So am i! UHHH. Take that silly.


Gay 1: That was good, but i payed you £50 for it, i knew you'd try your best.
Gay 2: I need a tub of KY for myself! its great.
Gay 1: It wasn't KY silly, It was Fuck Cheese!
by SWEDEN4U August 22, 2007
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While sounding like an innocent kiss kiss it means kill yourself kill yourself. It is mostly used when joking with friends through mobile messages
chick - OMG did u see tha ugly pic if urself on instagram
chicks friend - omfg kys kys
by suck my hairy ballsack November 13, 2013
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