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Acronym for "Ku-ki ga Yomenai" . in Japanese.

Literal meaning of the phrase is "He/She can not read the air".

Person who is KY doesn't know what is expected of him to-say or to-do in a situation, and often saying things that cast a chill over the whole room.
@Karaoke box:
Tetsu:Hey girls, have you already made requests for the songs to sing?

Naomi:Yeah, I put new song from Lady Gaga!!

Tetsu:Nice!!, how about you Yoko?

Yoko:I put "Wonder Wall" by Oasis and "Imagin" by Beatles and "America's natinal anthem" and...

Tetsu:Wow,, wait! did you know you have to sing all the songs consequtively?

Yoko:Yeah ovieously!

Tetsu:...But people take turns in Karaoke Yoko!

Yoko:Why? "first come first serve" applys here too isn't it?

Naomi:Tetsu, forget it, Yoko is so KY.

Yoko:I really don't understand what all the fuss you are making?

Yoko:OK OK OK!!! I'll cancel one song from my list, now its 3 songs, are you happy now?

Naomi,Tetsu:What ever.
by TTA2 March 05, 2010
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A mysterious boy who always seems to be serious some who befriend one say that once you get to know a Ky they will be loyal to you no matter what, there are a lot of legends around Kys, they seem to be rare and invisible so if you find one you could consider yourself lucky, if your lucky enough you may even befriend one.
Why is that boy always so quiet, he must be a ky.
by Anonymous_Writer June 13, 2018
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it is a Japanese saying, and it really means "kuki yomenai." That is when there is a group of people and one person just is out there. She doesn't know what is going on, and she cant tell what the other people are trying to do.
person A: Isn't Mrs. Otter just so mean! She gave me a F.
group of people: Yeah she can be a bitch sometimes.
KY girl: I like her, shes nice.
group of people:...
person A: WOW you are sooo KY!!
by sumiko March 24, 2008
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a girl who is extremely cute, amazing, funny, beautiful and a really great person. if you ever meet a ky, you should consider yourself the most lucky person on this whole planet
-I'm ky's friend

by Emokid2007 June 23, 2016
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the original and best sexual lubricant on the planet
Back in the 60s my favourite night of the year was right after my wife had her Pap Smear done; the doctor lubricated the speculum with KY, and there was enuff left in her muff that I could just "glide til I cried"
by John R. December 09, 2003
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One who is perfect, who shows love and affection to only the one worthy. Who gambles through life, living each moment as if it were his last. And showing compassion to his hobbies such as music and life. very very attractive. Most always forgives, but never forgets. Very very kind. Ky's are usally gemini's which get along great with capricorns. They inflect thier opinions on eachother. make a very nice couple.
"Wow look at how nice and cute that boy is..."

"yeah his name must be ky"
by 'Chelle August 10, 2006
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