Frunk (adj.)- the state of being partially or completely retarded due to excessive drinking or hanging out with G and D. Sometimes associated with too much laughing. Originally thought to be combination of the phrase "F***ing drunk" because frankly, it is much easier to say frunk than f***ing drunk when you are frunk.
"Tyler is SO frunk."
"Devin and Greg are frunkards."
by Frunkard June 12, 2005
to be enjoyably confused
i am so frunk right now, and i love it!
by Alyssa and Karpas September 25, 2006
f*cking drunk
Oh man I am SO FRUNK

We got so frunk last night. Like wow.
by nineties_star_heart October 27, 2014
to attempt to act drunk when actually sober; to fake being drunk
Damn those kids are so stupid! They were running around the streets lookin so frunk, my friends and I couldn't help but laugh.
by jear bear May 21, 2006
faded, or high, and drunk.
DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I'm so frunk right now!
by erik April 21, 2004
frunk is when something is funny when drunk.
god last night was frunk
by STOOL is epic July 19, 2010
French krunk, usually found in French ghetto bars across paris.
Oh man, that kid is frunkin like there's no tommorro, just look at him do a backflip and catch the snail in his mouth. Damn.
by Sreech Sreech May 30, 2008