When you post on a forum a link or reference to information which was already posted.
"Your Frunked! LimpDick69 already posted that article."
by PCTT August 14, 2008
to be Simultaneously Drunk and Fucked, often at a late party or on weekends
"Hey that girl was so Frunked last night!"

"Hellz Yeah bitch!"
by P!rate May 3, 2009
1. An exclamation shouted when you or someone else does something wrong.

2. An offensive term used to refer to someone who you don’t like.
1. Holy frunk I’m dying!
2. What a frunk!
by Danidot YT June 11, 2022
Frunk is a word thats commonly used by a group of eighth graders in place of the word "Fuck"
by Kim Knopp January 30, 2019
Frunk is the drunk version of a guy named Frank; when he’s so drunk he makes sure everyone knows that he doesn’t really like them and either grounds or fires them several times over the course of one evening. In that same night, he’ll definitely barf, solve the world’s problems, and fire everyone all over again.
by Thurzdee October 8, 2011
A car trunk that is in the front of the car, instead of being in the back of a car like it would be normally. This is usually present in mid-engined or rear-engined cars.
"Dude is there anywhere I can put my bag? The trunk is full" "Yeah, just throw it in the frunk!"
by The real Layflikescofe October 1, 2015
Fruck is a term that is used for people that is " full " and " Drunk ". The word orgins is from Lil Jon's " crunk " word which means crazy and drunk. This term is mostly used in in clubs. Frunk was founded by DeAndre Bush
Boy : Girl, this club is rocking, I'm so drunk

Girl: Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm frunk
by LilDre June 29, 2009