A trunk located in the front of the car, where an engine would typically be found. A composition of the words "front" and "trunk."
Put that bag in the frunk.
by camhabib August 15, 2009
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contraction of the words front and trunk, referring to the front trunk of a car as the one on the Tesla Model S.
Where am I supposed to put all the suitcases? the trunk is already packed!
—Just put them in the frunk.
by yac January 15, 2013
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fake drunk; acting crunk while not actually intoxicated
"I'm so crunk right now."
"No you're not; you're frunk; You've had nothing to drink."
by Beast33 June 30, 2004
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The state of being "fun drunk". It is between being tipsy and being crunk.
We acted like a bunch of clowns when we were frunk last weekend.
by Sahara November 13, 2005
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1. Short for "fighting drunk". Someone who has had too much beer and is picking fights.
2. Short for "fucking drunk". Just very, very drunk.
1. Dave is totally frunk, he just punched out that roadsign!
2. Dave is totally frunk, the roadsign knocked him out.
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Friend: "Why did you tell him his girlfriend was sleeping with Sam"
You: "Honestly is the best policy. If thats a crime, lock me up, bro."
Friend: "You don't have to go out of your way, though. Seriously."
You: "He was being an arrogant asshole. I was frunk with him."
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