when a guy tucks his twig and berries back by his crack when mooning someone, which ends up looking like a banana and some apples (or oranges, if you prefer) coming out of a fruitbowl!
Johnny showed the car next to him his fruitbowl.
by Thunder Dan May 26, 2004
when ya tuck yur junk between yur legs and moon people. also see luau.
when we passed the car of girls we could obviously not score that night i dropped the pants, tucked her in and slammed a full blown fruitbowl on 'em.
by scrublife October 15, 2003
When fornicating with a member of the opposite sex (or not depending on preference) one slips one's nuts into the action to create a lovely FruitBowl. Also see Mudbowl, similar to a Fruitbowl but the completed package of sweaty love is inserted into the anus rather than the vaginal opening
"My dear you look a trifle flushed, have you been fruitbowling it again?" enquired the First Earl of Chester of his chambermaid

"Why yes m'lord" she replied "most enthusiastically m'lord"

"Excellent" he replied "then you won't mind me slipping you a mudbowl"
by gareth simmons May 25, 2005
when a man cups his hands as if to cup water but with his junk in the middle.
hey did u want some fruitbowl?
by esackattackm December 9, 2011
To establish one's moral superiority on social justice issues by tucking one's penis and testicles behind the legs and presenting your backside to the world while wiggling and proclaiming "Fruit Bowl".

Synonymous with "virtue signaling".

First defined on the comedy podcast, Puke and the Gang.
Did you hear Stephen proclaiming how much he hates Nazis? He is FruitBowling so hard!
by Puke & the Gang August 27, 2017
Fruitbowling: The act of tucking your sac back between your legs possibly in order to shit on it.
Oscar was fruitbowling pretty hard this morning. Looks like he had a fun night.

Buffalo Bill is the master of the fruitbowl.
by DogeDoge November 27, 2013
The act of tucking big Jim and the Twins between your legs and mooning someone.
Thats disgusting, that dude just gave me a California Fruitbowl!
by Scrotimus Maximus January 30, 2004