Slang for the penis. The Twig being the penis itself, and the berries being the testicles.
Ouch! I just got kicked in the twig and berries.
by JB January 20, 2004
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A slang term for a small penis, along with small testicles, too, in which the twig symbolizes the small penis and the berries symbolize the small testicles.
You will never be able to make babies with your own twig and berries, dude.
by awiz January 19, 2011
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Slang for the male anatomy. See balls, nuts, family jewels, etc.
"That guy just kicked me right in my twigs and berries
by Matty Roberts October 15, 2003
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Me: Pick out those twigs and berries.
by Nick Cal December 16, 2006
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A male's conversion to the homosexual lifestyle.
Steve moved to San Francisco and has been on a steady twig and berry diet ever since.
by hound-diggity April 13, 2009
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