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Virtue signaling describes a behavior of an individual openly seeking attention and external validation by ostentatiously pronouncing (generally through the use of social media) themselves to the world as someone possessing high moral values for a trivial decision made or action taken.
Brad: Did you see Thad made a lengthy post on TikTok about eradicating world hunger after his business school spring-break trip to Africa?
Chad: Is he donating his trust fund money to any major international world hunger charities? Is he going to work for one of these charities after business school?
Brad: No, he just accepted his offer in private equity and is just virtue signaling.
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Pandering to SJWs with insincere, yet sufficiently "moral", behavior
Joker (2019) was virtue signaling by casting black women in highly generic, though clearly negative, roles.

A bigoted preacher using inclusive pronouns is virtue signaling for the soundbite audience.
by foxysteve November 11, 2019
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A term used by those with questionable moral standing against those taking a moral stand in an attempt to silence moral arguments.
"I resent it when people care about things that I don't care about, they're just virtue signaling."
"It sounds like you just dislike people who aren't as shitty as you are."
by Kevin48423 April 10, 2019
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