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In lieu of possessing normal levels of testosterone, it's what beta males do to try to impress/attract women.
Pardon my virtue signaling, but John had an affair with his secretary? But he's in a position of power! Sex is gross.
by bwillbuxoh May 04, 2018
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The ultimate tool of Beta-Male Cuckholdery. Making a statement that allows you to feint moral superiority. Saying something that doesn't need to be said so that you can demonstrate to you are in fact the "good guy". A few examples: "You shouldn't kick puppies", "People who steal are bad", "Child abuse is wrong", "Black Lives Matter".
Beta-Male Cuck "I hate guys that use women for sex"

Omega-Male "Didn't you just do that to two different fatties and ghost them both?"

Beta-Male Cuck " It's different when I do it. Besides, if I don't word Feminism I don't get laid."

Omega-Male "......Fair enough. You're still a hypocrite and anyone who can't see that you just Virtue Signaling is dumb as dog shit"

Beta-Male Cuck "Oh I know. These hoes is stupid. I keep my dick in my purse homie."
by APorpoisesPurpose October 19, 2018
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