going out on as many dates as you can in order to find your prince.
after they both recently broke up with their boyfriends, mary and nancy decided they needed to go frogging.
by jalyro April 06, 2011
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1. intr.v, The act of defecating in a western toilet in a non-traditional, squatting manner, by first removing all clothing from the waist down, including shoes, and planting one's bare feet on the toilet seat. The person squats in a position reminiscent of a frog, and shits.

Frogging is healthier than sitting on the toilet seat, as it reduces unnatural stress on the sphincter.

Frogging is the new shitting.
I frog every time I have to shit, it's so much better for you, you should try it.

Marshall! Are you in there!? You better not be frogging my mom's toilet, you son of a bitch!
by FattMels September 22, 2011
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When having anal sex with a female (doggy-style) insert both fingers up her nose and pull her head back. Then punch her in the kidneys so her ass tightens!
Ouch said Jane as her but-ring pinged like a pinball machine
by Gonzo November 12, 2004
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The delusional act of two hideously ugly people kissing each other in a public place (pub, library, supermarket, strangely aloof Austrian uncle`s homemade basement etc), unaware of the horror they are creating for fellow mankind in the vicinity.
Look at that pair of hippocroc-a-dogs frogging like shameless apes in the street
by Fritzls Treehouse Project February 01, 2012
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An alternative for the commonly used curse word "fucking" Used by conservative Christians and others who feel BAD saying BAD words, so they substitute obvious words to curse anyway....

Also see (Hypercrite)
"ust say what you mean, you frogging ashhole!"

Also see "ashhole"
by Cathi Robertson June 17, 2008
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Frogging is the act of dogging in a public body of water, such as a swimming pool.
I went on a frogging trip with some friends at the swimming pool the other day. It was fucking intense.
by blochead555 February 18, 2010
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