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When a vehicle has at least one unmatching rim, usually caused by crackheads stealing and scrapping aluminum.
"That s.o.b. rimwrecked my car!"
by Cathi Robertson June 15, 2008
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noun; the expectations one has regarding sex.
Flo: I hear you're going out with Butch tonight, are you excited?"

Mo: Well, he's cute and everything, but I saw his penis in the bathroom yesterday and for a 6'4" gay man he's exceptionally small, so my sexpectations aren't that great."

Flo: ahhh..size doesn't matter.

Mo: *slap*

Flo: "ouch" alright alright..size matters..cheeze n rice!
by Cathi Robertson July 23, 2008
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n; a person who's a cross between a Starbucks addict and a fucker. Sometimes a Starbucks addict becomes a fucker only after 2-3 double shot macchiatos, but they're still a Starbucker.
husband; honey, can't we just wait until we get to the next town to get you your third refill from Starbucks.

wife; fuck you...get me to a Starbucks Now!!

husband; you can be a real starbucker sometimes, you know that!?!?
by Cathi Robertson July 12, 2008
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A play on the term Porta-Potty. We all like to have things we need and enjoy wherever we go, sooooo a Porta-Hotty is an incredibly realistic and HOT blow up doll (male or female...yes, I'm a fagalong) This "doll" would have "hot" parts such as mouth, penis, vaginer and asshole (warmers inside them)So that they would not only be hot in the superficial sense but also in the practical sense. The Porta-Hotty can suck peenus better than the average living person. I know you may never have seen a Porta-Hotty, but watch they'll be all the rage within months of this post.
Driver: what's the matter Homer?

Homer: I gotta boner ready to bust at the backveinseam!

Driver: Oh, don't worry, reach into the blue box in the back and pull out my Porta-Hotty. You'll have to blow her before she blows you"

minutes later...

Homer: omfg she's HAWT, where can I get a porta-hotty?"

Driver: "Lots of places, I got mine at K-Ymart."
by Cathi Robertson July 18, 2008
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''beat's the shit out of''
ie; the definition ''b'shits'', b'shits the definition ''friendgirl'' which somehow won word of the day today.
by Cathi Robertson July 11, 2008
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noun: similar to a recent word of the day (which are picked by illegal aliens who don't speak english)...gay-crashing. Meaning; the act of entering an event or activity meant for gay and lesbian persons, whether straight (stupid word) people are welcomed or not. For instance; not all gate crashers are unwelcomed, they simply went where they weren't part of ''the gang'' or invited
verb; the act of entering an event or activity meant specifically for gay or lesbian persons.
I had a blast Saturday I played fag-along with my gay son and his fag-hag Miranda. whoooot!
by Cathi Robertson July 11, 2008
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The sound your grandma (and other old people or people with deviated septums)make when they laugh. A combination of a snarl and laugh and snort. You know it when you hear it.
by Cathi Robertson June 15, 2008
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