'fripping' is a word made up of flipping and freaking, it's for those people who don't swear. Instead of dropping the f bomb you can use this and everyone will have no idea what you're saying! This can also be an accident, where they meant to say freaking and started saying flipping at the same time because they're so flustered.
I'm so fripping done with all these people, get out of my face.
by alyss.um October 31, 2015
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The word used to describe your utter astonishment after being red flagged in a race for trying to cause crashes
TSRB: Let's push Alonso into that wall to get him out of the race
RACE CONTRO: You have been disqualified
by TSRB May 25, 2023
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frip= fanstastický drip
je to určité vyjádření lepšího dripu
Nelo ty máš takovej frip.
~Adélo děkuju, ty s Káťou máte taky frip.
by sergayy April 15, 2021
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An event in the case that a person farts while tripping.
Damn Tara, if I hadn't tripped and pushed you, you wouldn't have fripped.
by aiknea July 13, 2008
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A frip is an apple fritter without the gooey, yucky middle part.
"I really want a frip!"
"A frip?"
'Dah... an apple fritter without the yucky gooey middle bit!"
by Athy July 17, 2010
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The cool breeze cause jenn to have frips.
by dan December 8, 2003
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Getting a hand job at the end of a massage in a back ally Asian massage parlor.
OK Mr. Vance, your massage is done. You want to FRIP over now??
by StraighCashHomie July 2, 2021
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