very swag and cool
drip, drippy, dripping
can be used to describe an outfit/accessory, person, song, etc.
"yooo that ice is drippy dawg"
"yall like the drip?"
by condombanana October 19, 2020
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lingo started around jersey city early 2014 to describe ones outfit or overall demeanor

adjective: drip;

3rd person present: drips;

past tense: dripped;

past participle: dripped;

gerund or present participle: dripping

1. flex hard or be so wet as to shed small drops of liquid.
"my nike air force ones won't stop dripping"
synonyms: dribble, leak splash wet More

• (swagger) falls in small drops.
"water dripped from his clothing"

• cause or allow (designer) to shed rain drops.
"the designer was dripping water down one side"

• display a copious amount or degree of a particular quality or thing.
"Forrest Guap was dripping with gold and diamonds"

noun: drip;

plural noun: drips

1. Enormous amount of a swag.
"she put the bucket underneath the dresser to catch the drip"
synonyms: juice, swag, steez, swank, splash

• the action or sound of flexing and finessing.
"the drip, drip, drip came from the leak in the roof"

• short for dripstarr.
dry girl- you saw the aqua pack?

dry boy - yea they're splashed up in Burberry and Lacoste, they got THE drip!
by wetgodflex October 11, 2018
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mucus-like fluid that runs down the back of ones throat after snorting drugs. (based on my experiences) often takes a few minutes to reach your mouth after snorting said drug. Tastes really bad if it enters your mouth.
The drip I got from snorting a caffeine pill was nasty!
by brian January 8, 2006
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Boring, tiresome and annoying person without any sense of humor.
omg, Elisabeth Ref. won't drink at the party, she's such a drip!
by bechinsky August 14, 2012
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term used to describe the residue (keyword) dripping down your throat after you snorted, say for instance, an oxy oxycontin. Best feeling ever, even though it can get nasty (ex. loads of it coming down all at once, can make you vomit or make weird faces). If you like the taste, drink water; if you don't, gatorade works great.
I enjoy oxy drips.
I'm enjoy the drip and the high equally the same.
I drink A LOT of water when I have my oxy drip.
If you don't get a drip, then it means you snorted a teva =).
by L0VE October 21, 2006
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The thing they put in your arm when you go to hospital.
An intra-venous(IV) drip replenishes fluid loss.
"I lost alot of fluid so they gave me a drip. I had 6 normal bags and one of pottasium."
by Diego August 17, 2003
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