a newly coined term for lazy, stupid, white people.
Man, look at all these crazy fritters here at the fair...and there's a lot of deep fried stuff to eat too.
by mr. whitey October 15, 2012
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(plural: Fritters)
n) a portmanteau of Friend and Twitter - essentially, a Friend on Twitter.

Likely, this friend is either of the wrong age or lives too far away to be a real life friend, but is someone who you can constantly have tweet-based conversations with.
"So I was talking to one of my fritters the other night..."
"Oh, my best fritter posted this awesome link..."

example_user: Goodnight #fritters! It was good talking to you. I <3 my fritters!
by isthiscanon October 07, 2009
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to totally freak out, to panic, to speak in strange tongues out of stress/fear/anxiety
"Whoa, Darcy, did you hear that guy? He was totally frittering out."
by hug_a_musician January 28, 2009
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pussy The most desirable place on a whore...
ok now who would like to have a bite of nancy's nice hot fritter?
by me..... February 26, 2004
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