to stress or get mad at something small -frettin
Yo why you frettin shawty??
by PMK June 13, 2003
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a marker on the neck of a guitar showing where to press down the string to produce the desired note.
to play an A# pluck the A string at the first fret
by Anarchy is Order March 23, 2004
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Do not become anxious about something.
- "Sorry for the delay, I've been busy."
- "Fret not, sir. I understand."
by Nightmare26 February 1, 2010
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when you spend too much time fretting over your Facebook privacy settings...
I spent so much time considering all possibilities for who to share information with on Facebook and finally reset all my frettings
by Victoriacam February 9, 2011
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you- Don't fret, Mom, I'll just cancel all my plans for today.
by LynCarol October 8, 2008
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Term for a "capo", the clamp-like device placed on the fretboard of a guitar to change its tuning.
"if you have your heart set on playing it in E flat, you could always just use a fret lobster"
by Joe Frosnost October 10, 2007
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