City in the East Ukraine. Nicknamed as "First capital", cause it was the first capital of Ukrainian Soviet Republic - direct predecessor of modern Ukraine. Large and powerful city (commerce, education, industry, science), second city by population in Ukraine and 29th (by metropolitan area population) in Europe. Lots of places of interest (e.g. Freedom Square - 9th largest in a world, Gosprom building - formerly largest in Europe, plenty of antique buildings, etc).
I live in Kharkov and love it!
by RealUniqueName January 2, 2011
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Strongest tank in the game war front turning point.
It has five independent turrets that murder ground units.
It is very slow and cannot defend itself against air attacks. It can be used while playing as the Russians in multiplayer.
Going up against Kharkov Rampagers with light tanks isn't fun.
by fatfuny January 24, 2008
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