To become intoxicated on a number of substances, usally over a sustained period of time.
The act of wrecking or the state of being wrecked
After hammering the drugs for three day I decided that the wreckage should end.

I feel like getting wrecked this weekend.
by Dandred October 31, 2004
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Marijuana, especially of a particularly high standard. Probably derived from "wrecked", meaning stoned.
Hey man, this is some damn fine wreckage.
by HeyDude September 7, 2006
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Slang term for a vagina with wrinkled, loose-hanging labia.

The implication is that it has been "wrecked" by years of stretching, pregnancy, etc.
Incredible body but did you see the wreckage going on down there?
by wrecker December 26, 2003
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When a conversation between 2 person becomes a chaos by stupid texts from other folks in a group chat.
Last Night, It was a fucking Wreckage Conversation in Facebook and I had to exit the group chat voluntarily
by Moulish Rated - R Punk March 18, 2015
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